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Schengen Area or Schengen States is a group of 26 countries in European Union that have agreed to remove border control between their mutual borders. For the purpose of international travel, Schengen Area is considered as a single country or jurisdiction. All Schengen States usually have uniform visa policy.


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Schengen Travel Insurance in Pakistan

Thousand of travelers from Pakistan apply for Schengen visas every year in the relevant embassy in Pakistan. It is mandatory requirement of all Schengen embassies to have a valid travel insurance that covers entire stay of passenger while travelling. We provide travel insurance from authentic insurance companies which are honored and accepted by all Schengen embassies in Pakistan.

Travel Insurance Coverage Required for Schengen Visa Application

Currently, all Schengen Embassies in Pakistan require that each passenger must have a valid travel insurance that covers minimum EUR 30,000 or USD 50,000 emergency medical expenses. All our Schengen Insurance packages are compliant with this requirement.

Schengen Countries

Following is the list of Schengen Countries. Click a country to start booking and view our discounted rates. We offer up to 15% exclusive discount on Travel Insurance.


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