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Documents Required for Indonesia Visit Visa from Pakistan

  • Original Scanned Passport at least 9 months valid, along-with all previous passports if available.
  • Return air ticket and hotel booking
  • Last Six Months Bank Statement along with account maintenance letter sign & stamp from bank.
  • 04 Pictures with RED background passport size 35×45 mm. ( Original Studio Taken )
  • Clear copy of CNIC both sides.
  • Vaccination Certificate


Processing Time 

Indonesian visa from Pakistan is usually processed from in 15 to 20 working days. The time may vary depending on case to case. Visa approvals are subject to embassy's decision.



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Unlocking Indonesia: Your Ultimate Guide to Obtaining a Visit Visa

Are you dreaming of exploring the captivating beauty of Indonesia? Your journey begins with a visa, and in this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of obtaining an Indonesia visit visa, including the fees, requirements, and application procedure.


Navigating Indonesia's Visa Maze

Indonesia is a breathtaking destination that beckons travelers from all corners of the globe. However, before you can immerse yourself in its natural wonders, you need to navigate the visa process. Here, we will provide a step-by-step guide to ensure your journey is seamless.


Understanding Indonesia Visit Visa

What is an Indonesia Visit Visa?

Before we delve into the intricacies, let's understand what an Indonesia Visit Visa is. It is an official document that allows foreign nationals to enter and stay in Indonesia for a specified period, primarily for tourism purposes.


Types of Visit Visas

Indonesia offers various types of visit visas, including tourist visas, social visas, and more. We will focus on the tourist visa, which is ideal for travelers seeking leisure.


Indonesia Visit Visa in Pakistan

Application Procedure

As a Pakistani citizen, applying for an Indonesia Visit Visa is a straightforward process. We'll guide you through the application procedure, including the necessary documents and fees.


Indonesia Visit Visa Fee in Pakistan

Understanding the cost of obtaining an Indonesia Visit Visa is essential. We will break down the fees and associated expenses.


Indonesia Visa Requirements for Pakistanis

To embark on your Indonesian adventure, you must meet specific requirements. We'll cover these prerequisites to ensure your application is successful.


Necessary Documents

Learn about the documents you need to prepare, including passport, photographs, and other essentials.


Financial Requirements

Indonesia requires applicants to demonstrate financial sufficiency. We'll provide insights on the financial criteria you must meet.


Apply for Indonesia Tourist Visa

The Application Process

Get ready to submit your application. We'll guide you through each step, from filling out the forms to submitting your visa request.


Processing Time

Understanding how long it takes for your visa to be processed is crucial. We'll give you an estimate, so you can plan your trip accordingly.



Indonesia is a paradise for travelers, and obtaining a visit visa is the key to unlocking its wonders. By following our comprehensive guide, you can embark on your journey hassle-free. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore the mesmerizing beauty of Indonesia!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long can I stay in Indonesia with a tourist visa?

With an Indonesia tourist visa, you can stay in the country for up to 30 days.


2. Can I extend my tourist visa while in Indonesia?

Yes, it's possible to extend your tourist visa for another 30 days, but it involves a visit to the immigration office in Indonesia.


3. Are there any restrictions on where I can travel within Indonesia with a tourist visa?

No, you are free to explore any part of Indonesia with a tourist visa.


4. Can I apply for an Indonesia tourist visa online?

No, the application process for an Indonesia tourist visa is typically done through the Indonesian embassy or consulate in Pakistan.


5. Do I need a return ticket before applying for an Indonesia tourist visa?


While it's not a strict requirement, having a return ticket may enhance your chances of visa approval.

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