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There are two methods of applying Malaysia visa from Pakistan. First method is to apply for sticker visa (visa stamped on your passport), or apply for e-Visa. The requirements for both Malaysia visa are listed below.


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Malaysia Visa Requirements

  • Last Six Months Bank Statement along with account maintenance letter sign & stamp from bank.
  • Company letterhead for visa request (If self-employed).
  • Copy of NTN certificate.
  • Original Passport at least six months valid, along-with all previous passports if available.
  • 4 Picture in white background 35×45 mm.
  • Clear copy of CNIC
  • Job letter from company (If employed).
  • Last six-month salary slips from company (If employed).
  • Family Registration Certificate "FRC" or Marriage Registration Certificate "MRC" (If all family travel).


Processing Time

Processing time varies depending upon the type of visa you are applying. Usually e-visa is processed quicker than the sticker visa. Contact customer support for more detail.



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